• The elegant 43-seater IVM 6857 Designed to travel countless miles in utmost comfort and safety  BIGGER SPACE, STURDILY BUILT, SUPERIOR COMFORT GENEROUS HEADROOM & LEGROOM High ceilings of the vehicle greatly improves the vehicle appearance and also makes the internal space more voluminous

  • Gulder is the extra matured premium quality beer made from the highest quality barley, the finest of hops and the purest of water, all natural ingredients, to give it a crisp, distinctive and refreshingly bitter taste.

  • Malta Guinness is a lightly carbonated malt drink. It is brewed internationally under licence from Guinness. It is brewed from barley. Nigerian Malta Guinness is particularly rich in taste is is exported all over the world. It is non-alcoholic and is best served chilled.

  • HARPIC POWER PLUS CLEANERSHarpic Power Plus is the most powerful liquid toilet cleaner*, for when you need a truly deep clean above and below the waterline.

  • Bellarom  Instant  Cappuccino Instant cappucccino - a blend of skimmed milk powder, suger and instant coffee. Just add hot water. Contains 10 servings 170g e (10x17g)

  • Luxuriant mosturizers 2 way performance & hydrationRetexturizess dry skin Hydro balance system

  • Amstel malta is a low sugar malt can drink that consists of vitamins, iron and nutrients that provide real goodness, it is produced by Nigerian Breweries

  • Kills all known germs dead leaving your toilet white and sparkling. Includes Domestos Extended Germ-Kill formula to give you long-lasting protection in the toilet


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