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  • Guest soaps

    Guest soaps are miniature soaps that are made and shaped into attractive shapes and they are basically designed for the use by guests either in the main bathroom or separate guest bathroom. Popular and commonly used shapes are flowers, sea shells and rounds

  • Novelty soaps

    Novelty soaps are especially manufactured for the kids and include the soaps in the shapes of various items, such as a rubber ducky or the soap-on-the-rope. There are made not only to clean dirt and grime, but for amusement and enjoyment as well.

  • Laundry soaps

    Laundry soaps are formulated to eliminate grease, solid particles and organic compounds from clothes. They can be found in liquid, powder and gel forms.

  • Kitchen soaps

    Kitchen soaps are further categorized into two: cleansers and detergents.

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  • IVORY chic Beauty Soap With Silk Protein IVORY CHIC FOR THE BEAUTIFUL YOU Ivory chic beauty soap is enriched with silk protein extracts to deeply moisturize and smoothen your skin. 

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