Cybele cosmetics ltd.

Cybele Cosmetics has been operating and manufacturing in the Nigerian market since 1967. The company has a rich heritage in the Nigerian FMCG industry as makers of good quality personal care and household products.

Cybele’s long standing presence in the competitive Nigerian environment, coupled with the success of its leading brands has earned it a place among key players in the Nigerian marketplace.

The company strengths lie in its ability to detect needs and launch products that cater to the West African consumer base. This is supported by a thorough production know how, and a committed research and development department. Presently there are over 45 brands to the Company’s name.

Incorporated and registered in Nigeria in 1967 under RC No. 5394

Address: 98-100 Ladipo Street, Matori Industrial Estate, Mushin, P.O. Box 3604 Lagos, Nigeria

Tel: +234 780 070 001

Email :

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