Guinness Nigeria Plc

Guinness Nigeria is not only regarded as an iconic African company, renowned internationally for its brands of unmatched quality, but also as a company that believes in enriching the communities within which it operates

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24, Oba Akran Avenue Ikeja, Lagos


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  • Non alcoholic malt drinkCrafted in the tradition of excellence

  • Malta Guinness…Rise with the energy of Naija Malta Guinness is Nigeria’s number one malt drink produced by Guinness Nigeria PLC. Malta Guinness is brewed with only the finest ingredients; Sucrose, Maize, Sorghum, Barley, Malt extract, Sorghum Malt, Caramel, Hops, water, several vitamins & minerals, etc. It remains the favourite Malt drink in Nigeria...

  • Malta Guinness Low Sugar…Taste the goodness of Naija. Malta Guinness Low Sugar is drink of choice for those who care about their health and wellbeing and follow a healthy lifestyle regime but still want the refreshment and top of the world goodness, energy and vitality that Malta Guinness provides

  • Harp……….Best enjoyed with friends Bright pale golden; fruity nose; crisp and clean, slightly bitter up front, smooth aftertaste. Brewed from only the finest ingredients and triple filtered for a crisp, smooth and distinctively satisfying taste,

  • HARPHarp Premium Lager is a Nigerian beer brand with Irish roots first brewed in Nigeria by GNPlc in 1974

  • Malta Guinness is a lightly carbonated malt drink. It is brewed internationally under licence from Guinness. It is brewed from barley. Nigerian Malta Guinness is particularly rich in taste is is exported all over the world. It is non-alcoholic and is best served chilled.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items