• HARPIC OXI ACTION BLEACH CRYSTALS Harpic Oxi Action Bleach Crystals react with water to create a thick powerful foaming action.

  • Spring water is nature’s gift to mankind. Swan Natural Spring Water Is the pioneer bottled water in Nigeria and the West African sub-region.

  • Give your home a mean clean whenever it needs it. A few well-aimed squirts of Domestos Bleach Spray leave surfaces brilliantly clean

  • 1 Anti Cavity 2 White Teeth 3 Fresh Breath Triple protection 123 provides your family with three levels of protection

  • Harp……….Best enjoyed with friends Bright pale golden; fruity nose; crisp and clean, slightly bitter up front, smooth aftertaste. Brewed from only the finest ingredients and triple filtered for a crisp, smooth and distinctively satisfying taste,

  • Gulder is the extra matured premium quality beer made from the highest quality barley, the finest of hops and the purest of water, all natural ingredients, to give it a crisp, distinctive and refreshingly bitter taste.

  • INNOSON FOX Putting Africa on the wheels .The stylish ivm fox sporty, aerodynamic and simply fun to drive 5 passenger ergonomic seats that are designed for Safety & comfort

  • Honeywell Noodles is a brand of premium quality noodles made from high quality flour fortified with essential vitamins to give a nutritious and satisfying taste. The brand was launched into the Nigerian market in November 2010.