The GB Foods Group

"Enjoying together around good food" defines the essence of GBfoods, the group that brings together the multi-local reality and the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that has accompanied the various companies and local brands that shape it since its creation 80 years ago.

Today, with a turnover of 758 million euros and a team of over 2000 employees, the Group is present with its daily meal products in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, CIS Republics, in 30 countries in Africa and the Middle East through prestigious brands as Gallina Blanca, Star, Jumbo, Grand'Italia and Gino.

Its innovative character, the local recipes, its commitment to society and to an optimal nutrition through daily meals of which its products are part of, are the key of its success.

The goal and purpose of GBfoods focuses on helping people to be happy by sharing memorable moments together. Moments around something that unites us: good food.

Good food is part of our lives. It has always been with us and we have always enjoyed it.

It has to be shared because we believe a good meal is much better in company.

This means it’s our job to develop:

Tasty and authentic food

With a local touch

That can be enjoyed wherever you are

That becomes part of people’s everyday lives and special events

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