Jubaili Agrotec Ltd

Jubaili Agrotec ltd was established in 2002 (in Nigeria) by the sons of Abdullatif Jubaili as the fruit of their strong solid experience in the field of agriculture and of their reliable sources for quality products such as: Agricultural Pesticides, Agricultural, Insecticides, Agricultural Herbicides, Feed additives ... etc

The first branch was established in Kano, the Capital of the North that covers around 60% of the agriculture in Nigeria.

In 2004, the company opened its second branch in Ibadan in order to cover the South of Nigeria.

The third branch was opened in Abuja in 2010 to cover the middle belt of Nigeria.

The fourth branch followed it in Lagos in 2011.

OUR SERVICESBy improving our communication between our partners and customers, their needs can be better understood and we can offer practical, professional solutions.

Jubaili Agrotec offers these services through:

Training sessions, field days, and seminars

Trials: Scientific trials in cooperation with official bodies and researches centers.

Farms visit: Via our professional technical team in the field, to offer technical support for our products  under GOOD AGRICULTURE PRACTICE to  ensure optimum use for these products.

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