Tolaram Africa Enterprises Ltd

Tolaram Group was founded in 1948 in Indonesia. Headquartered in Singapore, the Group has existing operations in Asia, Africa, and Europe with products sold to over 75 countries.

With 70 years of entrepreneurial experience across four generations, the business has evolved from retail to trading, to manufacturing and brand building. We are present in a number of industries including Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Digital Services, Energy, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Textiles and Financial Services.


Our culture is shaped by our guiding values:

Trust, Respect, Commitment, Courage, and Humility.

They stand at the core of everything we do and help us to honour where we came from and what we have learnt along the way.


To be a company aligned with its values


To establish world-class companies in the spheres of Consumer Goods and Digital Services.


Tolaram is structured as a Trust with Ishk Tolaram Foundation as a 25% beneficiary.

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