Wilson's Juice Co. Ltd

Wilson’s Juice Co. presents a compelling opportunity for anyone seeking to be part of an early-stage fast growing, indigenous African beverage company that is poised for long-term success. Wilson’s is Nigeria’s premier not-from-concentrate beverage brand—providing a much-needed healthy alternative to the artificially coloured and sweetened drinks in the market. The popularity of the brand is further demonstrated by prime shelf space in many of Nigeria’s largest modern-retail chains—Shoprite, Park N’ Shop, GAME, Best Choice, Sweet Sensation, City Dia, City Serve etc. as well as notable features on media platforms such as CNN, CNBC, The Economist, CCTV, Reuters, NTA , and Africa Starup TV to name only a few. Between 2013-2017, Wilson’s has grown revenues nearly 800% while extending availability to over 1000 individual points nationwide.

Wilson’s operates in an over $5 billion juice, juice drink, teas and flavored water industry growing 10% per year. Both global and local trends suggest more rapid and continuous growth whilst local supply barely exceeds 25% of demand. Wilson’s goal is to be Nigeria’s leading “natural beverage” company, providing more natural options for Nigeria’s growing population of health-conscious, diet soda and from-concentrate juice drinkers.

Co-founders, Seun and Seyi Abolaji are brothers who returned to Nigeria dedicated to creating better for themselves, their community and their country. Seun earned his first degree from Emory University in Atlanta and his Doctorate in Pharmacy from University of Colorado Health Sciences. Seyi earned his degree from Stanford University. Seun focuses on Marketing and Sales aspects while Seyi focuses on the Operations and Finance. The brothers have built a dynamic and dedicated team that drive the day-to-day business activities.

Wilson’s directly employs over 40–and indirectly well over 200–young, bright and driven Nigerians with an over 70% female workforce. The Company’s commitment to sourcing locally and processing real-fruit based products enhances the livelihood and socio-economic condition of hundreds of smallholder farmers and youths—especially women—in rural communities.

Wilson’s is pursuing attractive growth opportunities in hotels, event centers, corporate partnerships, eateries and informal market segments—which account for over 95% of Nigeria’s daily commerce.

Wilson’s is currently looking to expand across Nigeria as well as into pan-African markets—beginning with West Africa. Wilson’s has a loyal and growing following of customers who have made the product one of the best-selling in its category—not-from-concentrate juices and natural beverages.

Wilson’s strategy is to (i) build strong brand identity associated with health, aspiration, joy and a fun filled lifestyle, (ii) significantly expand operational and distribution partnerships, (iii) promote rapid sales growth among the young professional class in Nigeria’s largest cities and (iv) drive continuous operational improvements and efficiencies to maintain cost advantages over competitors. This will enable more aggressive pricing to continue expansion through Nigeria and the larger region.

(CNN)-They started out selling cups of lemonade at their college, but now two brothers have built a company in Nigeria which distributes its juice in over 650 locations in 18 states in Africa’s second largest economy.

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