A-Z Petroleum Products Limited

A-Z Petroleum Products Limited was incorporated in Nigeria on the 28th of December 1994 and commenced full operations in 1995, with business interest and activities both in the downstream and upstream sector. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various types of petroleum products in the West African Market.

With operational arms in Manufacturing, Trading, Haulage, Gas, Oil Field Services etc. A-Z Petroleum strategy is to achieve sustainable long-term value for customer and growth for its investors, through consistent quality.


As we are moving fast in redefining the oil market, with the present population growth, we are confident in continuously satisfying our clients/users by adding attractive and positive values to our services.


To satisfy the consumer with high quality, value-laden lubricants that meet their needs and expectations.


To be the leading player in the lubricant manufacturing and marketing industry in Nigeria.

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