Viju Industries Nigeria Limited

In the atmosphere of industrialization, Viju Industries Nigeria Limited took advantage of that moment and designed, researched and eventually produced what is fully accepted and known as “Viju Milk Drink” in 500ml and “Viju BB Star” in 210ml and 150ml.

In the confectioneries categories, “Obest biscuits” are the first to be introduced into the market for both school children and adults as they described it as the best biscuits produced locally at the moment.

However, Viju Industries Nigeria Limited has added two variants to the existing 500ml namely the Wheat flavoured milk drink and Viju drinking yoghurt, the real diversification centered on confectioneries and water, while the water is already known across the nation as “Mr.V Premium water”.

Recently added to our brand of products is the Mama V tomato paste which comes in 70g sachet for your delicious meals.

Viju Industries Nigeria Limited is well equiped with the latest technology and equipment for effective and sustainance of quality.

Viju Industries Nigeria continue to deliver high quality, healthy and refreshing milk drinks/fruits.

Our ultra modern manufacturing facility uses the most advanced packaging technology to ensure that Viju Milk drinks/fruits retain it’s goodness and provide the essential nutrients and vitamins for your health.

Our quality control unit ensures:

That consumers’ expectation in terms of taste and quality is maintained

NAFDAC regulatory is been maintained.

That all our products are manufactured under the most hygienic conditions.

That great care is exercised in the selection of raw materials.

That in every stage of the manufacturing process, packaging materials and rigid quality standards are ensured.

Viju Industries Nigeria Limited has introduced a new range of products into the market called  V-Smartic and V-Joy  Milk drink which  comes in wheat flavoured milk drink and Chocolate flavoured milk drink and creamier, it has a unique taste. It comes in handy pack of 100ml, 200ml, 1liter which is design for family and friends.

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