Avanti Industries Limited

Avanti Industries Limited is a leader in manufacturing wide range of educational products to food pack products. We manufacture & market wide range of classic ball pens with Swiss Quality imported tips and German inks. With our wide range of pens covering all age groups, Our Focus on innovation for high-quality pens and leading-edge technologies,

History and Overview

Avanti Pens founded in Yr-2010, Avanti Pens is Nigeria’s most recognized stationery brand and the leading manufacturer and distributor of writing instruments. Avanti® started its journey of PENS

Avanti has enlightened the opportunities in manufacturing other stationary products range and started manufacturing Plastic Rulers, Graphite Pencils and White Board Markers and so on.

Our R&D Team at Avanti, focus on developing innovative new products and ink flow systems, delivering significant value to the writing experience of the customers. We have consistently introduced modern technology & maintained International standards for Africa’s largest market. We take pride in being a leader in introducing Innovative and Modern products to African consumers. We have a well-trained team of passionate employees, a World’s standard rigorous quality control system.

Our Research & Development team focuses on continuous improvement to ensure that we provide an exclusive writing experience.

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