Natural Prime Resources Nigeria

Natural Prime Resources Nigeria Limited is engaged in the manufacture of detergents and is located at

Industrial Avenue, OPIC: Induatrial Eatate, Agbara, Ogun State. Our company started manufacture cf

detergent in Nigeria in year 2013.

Our products include: [1.] So Klin Protect {2.) S0 Klin [3.] Good Mama Detergents

Natural Prime Resources Nigeria Limited is a private company, limited by liability.

The company employs hundreds of Nigerians, thereby contributing to the economic life at the country.

Our vision is to- be the number one detergent brand in Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region within the next five years

Our management is made up of experienced professionals in their different calling. The company

believes that a contented and capable employee is an asset in the company’s strives to meet its goals.

And that the success of the company depends upon the loyalty. devotion, honesty- and efficiency of each

employee. The management of the company encourages all employees to be genuinely concerned with

the efficient operation of the company and to cooperate In exerting every effort to ensure the success

at the company. In turn, the company is concerned in the well being and security of its entire staff.

The leader of the management team understands the gains of giving free hand to the management

team to exercise their professional prowess, in meeting corporate goals.

The board of Directors of Eko Supreme Resources Nigeria Limited is led by Sungkono Sadikin


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